Sometimes when you’re abroad you get a funny feeling. Out of a sudden you think about what it would be like not to get back to your old life and to make this place your new home. It might last only for a second or a song but when you get hit, it can be very tough sometimes to deal with it: „Oh, crap. I’m in trouble.“

sunshine, seaside, good time

Don’t worry, I’m not planning to stay in England. Now that my internship is over in less than three weeks, I’m actually really looking forward to coming back home. Of course, I will miss some things and people here. The chit chat in the office, the cakes and the tea, my lovely colleagues, the seafront and the Pier and all the people I’ve met in the London & County Pub.

There are other things I certainly won’t miss like the separated hot and cold water taps or toast but I don’t want to get too much into that.

What I’m looking forward to?

My bed (The order is totally  random, I swear). My family and friends. All my baking stuff – especially the kitchen machine. Our enormous fridge and freezer. Our garden. BREAD. Really good healthy superpower Rye Spelt wholewhatever dark brown Bread. The christmas market in my hometown. And thousands of other things.

I must admit though that it wasn’t very smart of me to come home the day before uni starts again. Not at all. How am I supposed to do my bed, I mean everything, justice, if I don’t have time for it? Thank God, it’s Christmas soon (literally).


Added comment:

I must admit that I will miss Eastbourne more than I would have thought. Like my friend Josie said today: „You really need three months to settle in. Only then you feel like you belong here, like you’re at home.“ Well, she’s right. Now that I know a few places and a few people, I feel like home and still there’s so much more I want to see and explore! Time went by really quickly. I’m still looking forward to coming home nonetheless. But I might just have to come back someday!

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