Strawberry Chocolate Mousse Cake

Making cakes is sometimes very similar to Life. You have a plan and know exactly what you want, what it should taste and look like or you have absolutely no clue and are more like „Uh, what am I doing here again?“ But either way, most of the time it comes out totally different than you’ve thought (or not thought).

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Look at this cake for example. I knew exactly what it should look like. But first, I hadn’t had enough strawberries – even though I just came back from the supermarket – and so I added raspberries. Then there was not enough mousse to cover all strawberries, so I used the outer line of strawberries as a frame. However, the result was incredibly amazing. Sometimes the best things come out of improvisation. I guess, it’s the same in our everday life. Sometimes you just have to say „Okay, I will do it!“ even though you don’t know what exactly you will be doing. And sometimes if a plan doesn’t work out for you, you just have to adapt to it. Don’t mourn a eventuality. Embrace the present and you will see, that it’s actually not that bad!

But enough wisdom shared, let’s get to business!

I’ve brought this cake to a BBQ at a friend’s house and although I didn’t expect it, everything was gone by the end of the night. It was surprisingly solid and you could actually eat it with your hands. Strawberries and chocolate are the best combination in my opinion, but the raspberries added a nice touch to it. But next time I would definetely take more Strawberries. If you hadn’t run off to the kitchen already or a covered in chocolate, I suggest you should go right now!


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