The magic of the last days

The last days in England were really magical. I had a lovely farewell dinner with my friends, my colleagues surprised me with a really thoughtful and sweet gift, my roommate and I finally made a trip to Alfriston and Lewes after we’d been both on-the-go all the time. What surprised me most was: I felt really loved. I almost couldn’t believe all the things that happened in just three months, all the friends I’ve made and all the people that would actually miss me (and my cakes). It was magical! But it wasn’t easy to let go and to say goodbye. Everyone had to promise me to keep in touch and that we would see each other again somewhere someday. But you never know.


My mom came over for my last weekend to pick me up and to spend the last day in Eastbourne with me. Basically, we did a lot of shopping. We went to book stores, galleries, craft and baking shops and ooops where did all that money go? It might have disappeared while we were eating a flatbread with hummus and red pepper or the obligatory afternoon flapjack. Who knows? (And seriously: who wants to know?)


As soon as I came back, I was in the middle of university and couldn’t get a single minute to relax. I guess I should get used to that thing in my head again … what is it called again? Brain?

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