May I introduce: the best Chocolate Chip Cookie (yes, you heard that right)

Once upon a time someone invent the chocolate chip cookie. This someone was Ruth Wakefield. Me and every chocolate chip cookie lover definetely owe her e v e r y t h i n g. There’s nothing else as exciting as watching chocolate chip cookies in the oven, the smell of divine chocolate, roasted nuts, browned butter … yummy!
I like my cookie chewy inside and crispy on the edges. With lots of nuts and even more chocolate chips. And yes, you might think it’s a silly thing that someone could ever found the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Maybe you’re right. Maybe not. It’s a big adventure though and takes many batters until you find it. But when I took a bite of these, I thought I finally made it and I felt like the happiest person ever! It’s best to share that happiness and get some compliments along with a batch of the world’s best cookies.

 chocolate chip cookie

chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

There are some things you should to consider while making these:

1. Size matters.

Make your cookies big enough to accomplish the perfect balance between crispyness and chewyness. If you make your cookies too small, they’ll still taste great but just not as amazing as a proper chocolate chip cookie.
2. Quality matters.
Be sure to have good quality chocolate and not just the cheapest baking chocolate. You can order a bigger pack of chocolate chips online (e.g. here) or just chop a block of chocolate into small pieces.
3. Cups!
The easiest way to make chocolate chip cookies is by using cups to measure. If you don’t have any, you should get some right now. Or you can do some calculations on and convert everything into gram.
4. Storage
Make sure you have a metal tin to store the cookies. That way, they will last much longer without getting hard and flat. (That means in theory, they might be gone before the end of the day!)
5. Share
If you don’t want to grow blue fur everywhere and get obsessed about cookies like our dearest cookie monster, you should share with your family, friends or colleagues. They will thank you, your hips will thank you and the love in return will make your day even more enjoyable!

2 Gedanken zu “May I introduce: the best Chocolate Chip Cookie (yes, you heard that right)

  1. Hihi, very important: share! Thank you for sharing the cookies and the recipe with me 🙂 They are the Best!!! Do you think vanilla extract tasts better then a vanilla bean? Where have you bought the extract? Thank you! Lg Franzi 🙂


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