Breakfast in a Cookie

If I ever had to chose my favourite course, I probably would go for breakfast. Imagine all these delicious things you can eat for breakfast: Apple Crumble or Nutella Crêpe Cakes, Scrambled Eggs with Bacon, Cold leftover Pizza after a very late night or even Curry if you want to do it like the Thai. Dessert, Lunch or Dinner – let’s just call it breakfast.

unbaked cookies

Those words spoken, I want to introduce a yummy recipe that I like to call „Breakfast in a cookie“. They are a little bit like Chocolate Chip Cookies but they contain nuts and oats and only half the amount of butter than a normal Cookie recipe. The perfect morning treat to lift your mood and motivation.

breakfast cookies recipe
Click to enlarge!

Some compliments I’ve got:

„You’re the best cookie maker in the world! Please make more!“ – by my roommate (which actually is gluten and cocoa intolerant)

„I hadn’t had lunch but ate three cookies instead! You’re definetely allowed to stay!“ – by my colleagues

„MORE PLEASE!“ – by my tummy

Now you know why you should make them: because everyone will love you! And if you don’t want to share, your tummy has enough love for every cookie. Trust me!







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